Google traffic in osmand

To get google live traffic data displayed in osmand, you need to define an online overlay map for your openstreetmap maps.

  1. enable the online maps plugin
  2. in “Configure map” click on “Map source” and click on the last item “Define/Edit”
  3. in “Name” type in a name of your choice e.g. “gtraffic”
  4. in “URL” type in:,traffic&x={1}&y={2}&z={0}&style=3
  5. set “Minumum zoom” to 1
  6. set “Maximum zoom” to 17
  7. I set “Expire” to 9 minutes
  8. click on “SAVE”
  9. back in “Configure map” click on “Overlay map”
  10. enable the overlay map
  11. select the previously defined map source as overlay
  12. set the desired transparency (for me around 75% works fine)